• Our system allows to collect the accounting and alarms of any electronic arcade machine (EGM) compatible with SAS.

  • All this data is sent to the cloud server in real time for monitoring and reporting.

  • Our IOT board allows you to capture data without interfering with the use of the SAS connection of the current gaming machine. It is completely transparent to the existing monitoring system.


  • The main objective is to capture and record all the information without the need to work with EGM manufacturers or manufacturers of existing gaming machine monitoring systems.

  • It has BigData processing that allows the behavior of the EGM to be monitored by the client or the administration, where all the information is available through a database accessible in the cloud, and allows the creation of reports and data calculations.


  • WebReporting is a data and information storage system, where the operator/client can consult through a Web portal previously configured for it (WebReporting), the counters and information of each terminal or the historical prizes (Jackpots) delivered, for analysis. of the same.

  • When accessing you will have a central panel with all the terminals connected to the system and all the information of each one such as; Name and description of the machine, serial number, location, installed system version, among others.


  • The WebReporting system has customizable privileges per user that allow different filters and levels of visualization to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the information.

It only sees who has to see, what he has to see...


If you want more detailed information here you can download the catalog.