• Aesthetic and refined design. Maintaining an aesthetic line suitable for Casinos and high-level gambling halls that stand out for their elegance and avant-garde decoration.

  • Reference equipment for safe cash management.

  • With benefits that allow this product to be the manager of all the cash that circulates through establishments and gambling halls.


  • Stylized equipment with an aesthetic aligned with the most avant-garde trends in the sector.

  • 27" screen arranged vertically for a better view of the different operations that you wish to perform.

  • A methacrylate coating of great elegance that raises its category to the highest level.

  • 100% Customizable – Both the screen and its lower part can be customized with the colors and logos you want. And in its configuration menu, the customer will be able to customize the exterior color that borders the screen.


  • Weight: 295 kg

  • Customizable 27" screen.

  • Remote control and management via the internet, securely.

  • Face-to-face access system for users with different levels of security.

  • Contactless system.

  • Automatic and manual machine prize payment management.

  • Compatible with betting and jackpot systems.

  • Security lock with 5 locking points.

  • Personalization of digital image on screen + machine plotting.

  • JCM iPRO with recycler.

  • TITO system.

  • PULLON up to 6000 bills with 4 different denominations.

  • Ticket and receipt printers.

  • 600 - 1500 - 8000 unit cash register system. (Capacity according to model).


If you want more detailed information, you can download the catalog here.