In June 2007, SMI2000 was born with the objective of developing integral projects for the automation sector in general, focused on the development and manufacturing of gaming machines for the gaming industry, and equipment with payment systems.

Our engineering and development teams, software and hardware, turn our customers’ ideas into reality using our own state-of-the-art technology, achieving a product with a cutting-edge design that meets the highest quality standards and a turnkey solution.

know-how in constant development of new projects that covers the entire sector, with interconnection systems worldwide, making us a designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of the most innovative and profitable gaming machines in the market.



    Creative by nature

    Our main mission is to manufacture and develop products with the highest technology and quality standards, combining innovation and an excellent level of service for our clients, offering global solutions that allow them to improve the development of their business and economically profitable.


    Always on the vanguard

    We are a team that is always at the forefront. Developing new technologies, innovating and looking for new business opportunities, becoming a benchmark among manufacturers of recreational machines in the industry.


    Passion, Commitment and Spirit

    The passion with which we work, the commitment we assume in each project presented, and the team spirit that runs in our veins... We make it and make it happen.