• Ready2B is an element that allows the adaptation of any joc d'atzar to Spain or the country where it is required, to the current legislation of a certain autonomous community, state or province. For the case of Spain, each autonomous community has its own law regarding which machine that allows the players to win cash prizes. Ready2B allows you to adapt these types of jocs to your wishes.

  • The system consists of converting the user's credits or cash into tokens that can be used to play the game of chance and, later, converting the rest of the tokens or those obtained as prizes in the game into cash.

  • The conversion of tokens to cash and vice versa is carried out in accordance with the laws in force that each jurisdiction, according to its law, applies to type B gaming machines.

  • Ready2B consists of a computer and/or software that controls the entire system, a Contactless card reader that allows the technical team to manage and configure it, access to a touch screen with which the user can interact and, finally, a set of of peripherals that make up the collection and collection system, game buttons and counters.

Elements that can be displayed on the touch screen and that allow interaction with the device

  • Token/Euro/Mystery/Nothing Lights

  • Credit counter (CREDITS)

  • Reserve counter (RESERVE)

  • Bank counter (BANK OR AWARDS)

  • Play (Autoplay)

  • Bet (€0.20/€1/other)

  • Collect


  • The game's Ready2B API call allows the game to implement the necessary functionality for R2B system integration. The entry of money, the withdrawal of money from the game or withdrawal, the consultation of the game state, the modification of the game state and the reset of the game memory.

  • Also the control of certain hardware that can be optionally supplied by the R2B system such as lights and keypad.

  • R2B obtains all the accounting information required by the operator. It doesn't matter what the Casino/Internet game does. The actual counters that an operator will need are handled by R2B.


If you want more detailed information here you can download the catalog.