• It is an interconnection system developed for casinos and salons to interconnect gaming machines to a common Jackpot system.

  • Our system has the technology to support the number of Jackpots that the operator requires as well as their management in terms of the prize growth system and the range in which they want it to be carried out.

  • The Jackpot system is fully configurable from the beginning of its installation and then during its course. It has the possibility of configuring a starting value, the value of the prize, and this is fully customizable independently for each Jackpot, in the case of having several prizes at the same time.

  • The interconnection system is divided into 2 parts Hardware. One of them is installed in the gaming machine that the operator wants to participate and join the Jackpot prize (accounting is obtained through the SAS system or mechanical counters), and the other, a central PC that will be the controller of all the machines and who will manage the luck of the Jackpots and the control of what is played by machine.


  • The Jackpot system has automated animation videos where when the selected prize comes out, it will begin its automatic reproduction on all the screens that are connected to the system and to the room. These videos will be previously configured together with the entire system according to the operator's requirements.


If you want more detailed information here you can download the catalog.