• Atila Gold is a multigame product for slot machines, which has a classic style game kit with 3 – 4 and 5 lines.

  • It has 20 different games for the player to play, keeping their credits as they switch between them.

  • It works with the R2B device for the insertion and collection of credits.

OPTION 1. Slot machine manufactured by our own line in two available models.

  • Dual 21” high-resistance touch screen.

  • Dual 23” high-resistance touch screen.

  • SIGN option with Jackpot Controller system.

  • TITO Printer Option - Monética - Bill acceptor.

OPTION 2. KIT R2B device, with built-in Atila Gold games.

  • Support for SAS – Dual SAS – Triple SAS.

  • Button control.

  • Availability for legal tender coins - Hopper.

  • Bill acceptor - JCM / IPro.

  • Pushbuttons.

  • Counters.

  • TITO Printer.

  • Possibility of interconnecting with the Jackpot Controller system - Compatibility and control of up to 3 screens simultaneously.


If you want more detailed information here you can download the catalog.