• Memoney is a system that allows money transfers between an ATM or bank and a gaming machine terminal, through a smartphone, using QR codes.

  • It allows you to transfer money in different formats, such as cash, tickets, wallet cards, online accounts, banking... between you and the game terminal of the machine in which you are. It is possible to make both inputs and outputs of money.

  • A Ticket In/Ticket Out system, which allows the collection and payment of prizes through tickets at the corresponding ATMs, as well as the convenience of a Cashless system, through which cash payments are made through electronic means and digital.

  • Possibility of checking the balance of your money anywhere, without having to be in person at the gaming venue or having to accumulate tickets or cards of any kind.

  • It does not require registration by the user, since the tool has a unique number on their mobile and that only the change machine identifies. Although it has the option of a minimum account registration, if the user wishes to establish a higher level of security, entering his name, email, and a 4-digit code that he must use for each transaction he wishes to carry out.

  • For the service to work correctly, when entering the site, it will require that the mobile have the location activated to identify your location and relate it to the nearest salon or where you are.


  • Deposit cash from a bank account or payment system.

  • Return cash to a bank.

  • Top up or collect an amount in memoney through the ATMs available in the gambling venues.

  • Collect an amount of money in memoney from an ATM.

  • Insert money into a game terminal directly from memoney.


If you want more detailed information here you can download the catalog.